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“We celebrate progress, not perfection.” This is a quote we use often in the Safe Harbor world. And I know exactly what I mean when I say that. I t’s true, profoundly true, in so many ways. But today, I’m contemplating the possibility that this statement can imply that we exist in a false duality. Because ACTUALLY, we celebrate progress AND perfection.

In Christ, we have all been made NEW—new creations with new natures. So, in many wonderful ways, we are already viewed through heaven’s lens as a work completed. This essential theological fine point anchors all of us, as we pursue wholeness and walk along with others on their healing journey as well. At Safe Harbor, we are becoming increasingly comfortable with small milestones and signs of progress. But we are also in awe of the finished work of the Cross, the resurrection, and the supremacy of the ascended Christ. Because of Christ, in so many ways, we have all arrived.

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Amy Willmann

Executive Director

Safe Harbor House

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