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We provide hope and healing for women who have experienced the traumas of sex-trafficking / prostitution, incarceration, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, and childhood sexual abuse.

We love to engage in “life around the table” and share our meals as a Safe Harbor family. We find that eating and praying together grows the bonds made between residents and staff.



We provide 24-7 residential treatment for up to 15 women in two lovely, restored homes. Our homes are equipped with all of the amenities for a comfortable healing.



Safe and sober housing in a family environment.

Women who are healing from trauma and addiction need a safe place to live while they address deep and complex issues.  We believe that much-needed "shelter" cannot simply be a roof over their head - we believe transformation is more likely if the environment and culture is more like a family than an institution.   Furthermore, we believe deep and sustainable healing can only happen in the context of this connected family/community.  Isolation and disconnection are major sources of the problem, and can never bring solutions.  



Many of our women have experienced a lifetime of abuse.  Our mission is to help them find a new way of living, so they can spend another lifetime in healing and freedom.

What does a transformed life look like?  At Safe Harbor, we are devoted to our mission: "empowering women toward wholeness and equipping them with life skills for quality living."   Our underlying theories about HOW transformation actually happens establish a framework that is both comprehensive and customizable for each individual Safe Harbor resident.  If you take a close look at the big picture, you will notice four distinct components that provide this foundation.

Safe Harbor is a 24/7 residential and faith-based program that empowers

women toward healing and equips them with life skills for quality living.



Trauma-informed programming in 6 Growth Areas. 


We believe every single one of us needs to address personal health and pursue abundance in these 6 Growth Areas: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Relational, Life Skills, & Education/Employment.  



Wrap-around social services and connection to community resources. 


Our desire is to prepare Safe Harbor residents for sustainable recovery and wellness!  In order to empower and equip each resident, we aim to facilitate life-giving relationships, connections, and experiences with all available community and professional social services.  We are thankful for every agency, service provider, and organization that partners with us toward that end.  




Educating local communities on the complexities of trauma and substance abuse. 


The transformation process does not end with our Safe Harbor residents. These courageous trauma survivors deserve to be launched into a healthy community when their year (or two years!) with Safe Harbor draws to a close.   We endeavor to equip and educate local churches, community leaders, and families on the issues of addiction and trauma.  The hope and goal is to provide tools and vital wisdom to our communities so survivors can enjoy healthy spaces and relationships during their next stage of healing.

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