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Healing starts now.


Physical Healing

  • Stable housing

  • Referral to primary care physician, including assistance accessing needed meds

  • Referral to an eye doctor and dentist

  • Healthy, nutritious food

  • Smoking cessation

  • Wellness class

Emotional Healing

  • Seeking safety group/individual session for substance abuse/PTSD

  • Recovery support groups (AA, NA, and Celebrate Recovery)

  • Emotional health groups (i.e.“Boundaries” Co-dependency Group)

  • Referral for individual counseling

Relational Healing

  • Eating meals together

  • Relational groups (i.e. communication skills)

  • Classes on building healthy relationships

  • Personal mentor

  • Family activities (i.e. movie night, game night, spa night)

  • Structured family visits

Spiritual Healing

  • Weekly Bible study

  • Prayer before meals

  • Personal mentor (relationship can be structured based on the desire of the participant)

  • Church involvement

  • Group devotions


  • GED Tutoring

  • Educational coaching

  • Community service opportunities

  • Referral to community partners for job coaching

Life Skills Improvement

  • Life coaching (goal setting, conflict resolution, scheduling, etc.)

  • Cooking

  • Meal planning

  • Cleaning

  • Gardening

  • Finance coaching

  • Art/sewing

  • Access to budgeting software

  • Parenting classes/coaching

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